We want to improve on what we can do to help, by asking for feedback from our recipients. Everything is confidential and used exclusively for our own purposes. We ask for your name to personalise any contact we may have. But we are just as happy with your intitials, or a false name, or no name if you prefer.

We provide the option for you to let us know your story to understand your circumstances. Some people are happy for us to publicise their story to raise public awareness of their situation, or to help us raise funding/food donations. If you are complete comfortable for us to publicise your circumstances, we will do so anonymously (and with sufficient details changed so that you or your family will not be recognised). Please let us know by selecting the option below.

We do not need for contact your phone and email details. We ask for it only in case you want us to have it, or if you are willing for us to publicise your circumstances.

While we are hoping for responses from everyone so we can steer our donation, we are unable to pack bags to fit individual family's requests

To send us feedback, please fill in whatever of the form below you are comfortable with and click the "Post Details" button. Everything is optional, except for a couple of fields marked with "*"

Number of people in your household

What food in the bags do you like?

What food in the bags is not good for you?

What can we do better for you?

What is life like for you, and how did you get here?

Can we share your story with others (eg. the media)?

Your name or initials (optional)