We prepare a variety of different meals, at different times and aimed at people with different needs.

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Available Meals

Homeless Meals
On Thursday nights, we prepare a cooked, three course meal for people who are homeless. We extend the meals to people who are isolated, disadvantaged and elderly, to provide a more welcoming environment.
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Community Meals
Once a month, we prepare a cooked meal for families in poverty, who live too far away from the centre of Maidenhead to come to the Homeless Meals, or who have children too young to bring to the environment of the Homeless Meals. At present, we cook at two locations. We are looking to expand to other areas.
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Sandwich Run
On Mondays and Fridays, we team up with the Salvation Army to provide soup and sandwiches for people who are homeless.
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Saturday Lunch
On Saturdays, we team up with Noah's Helpers, a group of Muslim families, who provide a late lunch for people who are homeless. They sit and chat with the guests, providing warmth, love and comfort especially to anyone who may be feeling especially low.
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Breakfast Club
During school term time, we deliver breakfast food to two schools in Maidenhead. The schools use the food for children from families in poverty who they identify as not getting breakfast. We generally provide cereals and fruit to the schools on a daily basis.

During the summer months, fruit is donated to us by a gardener who picks it off fruit trees and brings it to us directly, supplemented by fruit donated by Sainsburys. In the winter, we buy enough fruit to cover any shorfall.

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Meal Times

The days are selected to ensure there is food provision every day of the week as follows:
  • Sunday lunch (12:30-2:00pm) : Salvation Army
  • Monday evening (6:30-7:30pm) : Sandwich Run at the Salvation Army
  • Tuesday lunch (12:30-2:00pm) : Synagogue (except during summer months)
  • Wednesday lunch (12:30pm) : United Reform Church
  • Thursday dinner (7:00-8:30pm) : Open Kitchen at St Joseph's Church
  • Friday evening (6:30-7:30pm) : Sandwich Run at the Salvation Army